Initial Consultation

One of our design team will meet with you to better understand your product and packaging requirements. Although it is always beneficial for us to be able to see the product we are packaging, we certainly have the ability to design your packaging from a range of drawing options. They include 3D CAD to simple, dimensioned 2D PDF. We will discuss many aspects including project timeline, supply options, such as can-ban or blanket orders, preferred mode of shipping for your item (rail, road, air or sea), and identify any vulnerable components that may vary from fragile internal components to a high quality external finish. Any drop test or packaging standard that you require the pack to meet will also be covered. Our final point of discussion is generally the presentation of the pack or crate. We will cover materials used and any branding you may require.


It is at this stage the design team, with a combined total of over 85 years experience, is focused on the initial design concept for your packaging solution. Concept drawings may be sent to you at this stage for feedback.

Prototype and Concept Approval

If requested we can provide a prototype for any testing or approval process that is required. At this point we will provide a quotation based on your approved design and order quantity requirements.

Pre Production

Once your pack or crate has been approved for production we will generate all production drawings, order any tooling and job specific materials that may be required. Although it is company policy not to release production drawings, we can also generate specification sheets if required.