Corrugated Cardboard

Depending on product size, weight, durability and mode of transport, several cardboard grades can be used. This will ensure that each item is packaged to withstand the punishment it may potentially be exposed to in transit. Our board grades vary from 1.5mm thick E flute to 10mm thick AC Flute. Excluding AC flute all grades can be supplied in either white or brown.

We can offer Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC’s) or Die cut folding style boxes. Everything is made to order. Each pack is designed around your part, we do not try and make your part fit into an “off the shelf” solution. There is no minimum order quantity or over run policy. If you only need 7 cartons, we will run and deliver seven cartons.

Our converting process is such that we can consistently maintain a high level of accuracy and tight tolerances. All of our packs are manufactured to a tolerance of +- 3mm.

Our packs can also incorporate many internal fitting combinations such as cardboard nest dividers, die cut foam inserts, simple foam lining, timber or a combination of any of those previously mentioned.

Other variances of our packs can include stitched or glued seams, hand holes and multi-colour digital printing.